QOL Ltd is dedicated to improving quality of life for medical patients, and this is reflected in its product range as supplied directly to NHS and other medical practitioners. A desire to approach end users via retail channels brought QOL to Horizon, with its innovative Buddy Cover product for protecting limbs during bathing.


As the Buddy Cover range was to be launched to the public, it was necessary to produce branding and packaging that would stand out on shop shelves. Horizon developed a look and feel for the Buddy Cover boxes that made it abundantly clear what the product does, who it’s for and how it works, while keeping a clear, attractive visual style. Horizon also prepared extensive instructions for use to be included in each box.

Client Image


The printed literature and colourful product boxes were manufactured in-house by Horizon, utilising its pair of digital printing presses (ideal for quality output with short turn-arounds) and finishing department.

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