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Category: Award Entry

Tuesday September 1st, 2015

When you’re busy running your business and planning for its future success, entry into business awards should form a part of your plan. But why so – it’s just a bit of glassware isn’t it?

Not necessarily. If you manage your entry right, and how you communicate any success that follows, business awards can be hugely beneficial to your business. It can set your business apart from your competitors and thanks to the resulting PR, Social Media and award promotion; your logo, your brand and your organisation become associated with the award whether you are shortlisted or not.

Find the right awards for you

They say that there is no such thing as bad press, but if you can find complimentary press – all the better! So, look for awards that will actually benefit your business, For larger organisations this means sector specific awards; smaller organisations may look at local Chamber of Commerce or Local Government business awards as a starting point. Make sure that the awards are well promoted and that they are supported with good PR, a strong website and social media that is interacting well with its followers.

Be realistic
Award entry is a fantastic mechanism that requires you to look critically at your business, comparing it against your competitors and identifying what is good (or not so good) about the product or service you provide. When you do this, you may decide that entry this year isn’t for you. Turn this negative into a positive, by setting a target for improvement for you and your business and aim to enter next year.

And when you’ve decided to apply don’t forget to …..

Provide the organisers with your brand furniture
Award websites will often take logos from your website or printed collateral if they are not supplied. Make sure that you provide good quality images, social media icons, logos, a synopsis of your organisation and links to your website, so that your brand is maintained throughout the award campaign.

Maximise your exposure
During the run up to the ceremony itself, the awarding organisation or body will have a PR machine working to promote the awards, look for sponsors, encourage entrants and fill seats at a gala dinner. Don’t leave your entry until the last minute – enter early to maximise your exposure throughout their, and your own PR and Promotion campaigns. Use their hashtag in your social media campaigns to increase your reach.

Shout from the rooftops

Shout when you enter, shout when you’re shortlisted, and shout when you win. Any one, or all three of these will do. By virtue of association, you will increase your brand awareness and level of customer and competitor perception. Maximise social media, blogs, news stories, stop press, photography in fact anything, which associates you with the awards.

Brand your brilliance

And if you win or are shortlisted, don’t forget to add the award winner (or runner up) logos to your website, email signatures and social media pages. Extend the life of this PR opportunity as much as possible.


Win or lose, award entry can be a win-win if you develop appropriate promotional activity to support your entry, and any subsequent success. If you don’t have time, or don’t know where to start, Horizon can help with our outsourced marketing support. Call Darren on 02920 463047 or email him via dj@horizondml.co.uk



image courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti/freedigitalphotos.net (original image cropped)