Blog: Google-box – the search for quality over quantity

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Monday February 1st, 2016

Content marketing is a phrase we use a lot here at Horizon, but it’s a phrase that means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. In short, it’s about improving your online performance through the creation and intelligent use of interesting material about you, your business or your industry. Or cats.

But whereas a lot of other people see content marketing as being a means to an end in itself – to drive more web traffic – our philosophy revolves more around what happens once an individual actually arrives on your site/social media/landing page. For us it’s about genuine quality driving genuine traffic, with a hundred relevant visitors finding nuggets of value on your site preferable to a thousand disinterested ones arriving there and leaving 12.8 seconds later.

It seems Google is on board with our way of thinking too – it has just taken its Panda algorithm and introduced it into its core ranking systems. In English: Panda is the codename given to the process Google uses to downgrade search results that bring up poor-quality websites with naff and/or duplicated content. This means Google is making user experience even more of a core factor in deciding which sites to present the searching public, and it means you need to be sure your site is up to scratch if you’re going to take advantage.

And how do you do that? Tune in next week to find out…

Ross, Head of Content