Blog: Social media in the SME world; the new Tamagotchi

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Monday January 18th, 2016

Remember Tamagotchi’s? Those little virtual pets that would die if you left them unloved in your pocket for too long?

Well today I’m going to stretch an analogy to breaking point and explain why any B2B business, no matter how small, needs to nurture its Twitter account, take care of its LinkedIn, and give Tamagotchiplenty of cuddles to its Facebook, lest they go the way of the Tamagotchi.

If you’re in the B2C world, the benefits are easier to grasp – Facebook is a fine place to announce, let’s say, a new product launch with direct links to a ‘buy now’ button. However a construction firm, for example, may not necessarily live in a world of ‘buy it now’s and ‘product launches’, but they still have new builds to photograph and show off, potential customers to connect with, and views on industry trends that others may well want to hear more about.

Set up of most social media accounts are free, but your time certainly isn’t, which is why it’s fairly common to appoint a marketing agency to take on the work – a digital Tamagotchi cattery, of sorts. But beware: social media won’t do you any good if left alone. Like any pet, to prosper it needs feeding, and the agency can only do so much. They can set up your accounts to look good, help you find the right people to follow, and create some compelling content with your help, but they can’t take on the role of your customer service department, replying to questions that pop up via Twitter or complaints (eek!) on Facebook. You, the true account holder, really need to be on the ball, regularly checking your accounts on your mobile device and ensuring that every interesting thing that happens in your business is transmitted to your agency so it can be spread online.

Return on investment is a popular way to try and analyse the value of social media (check out some great calculations from Kevan Lee here: but it does get tricky pretty quickly.

You can apply value to each follow or like, but if volumes are low that starts to fall down statistically. You can apply value anecdotally, or by how many valued new contacts you get introduced to, or just by gut feeling if that’s what you like. Just Google ‘Social Media ROI’ and you’ll see the deluge of my contemporaries thrusting forth their opinions. We take the view that social media is just one part of an integrated content marketing strategy ( and therefore the ROIs are much easier to calculate.

Ross, Head of Content