Brand Colour means ….

Category: Design

Sunday November 1st, 2015

Your logo isn’t just imagery in a colour you like. It is the physical manifestation of your brand.

That means that the look and feel of your brand should resonate with you and your staff; and it should resonate with your customers. Every time your staff represent you, and every time your customers come into contact with your business, or your brand at any touch point, your business values should be re-iterated. Over time, this begins to set expectation.

Images and colour have a huge part to play. And whilst each colour means something different to all of us, there are rules of thumb that are used in design.

Click here  for an overview of how colour can create positive emotions and set expectations.   Take a look at what each colour means and then check out the brands that have used these colours. Do you think they’re chosen well?

Virgin Red is a classic example – bold, energetic and youthful are three that certainly spring to mind.

Take a look at your logo – does the colour represent your business values? If you feel there is, conflict, call Darren Joslin on 02920 463047 or email him via


image courtesy of 25/10/15