Common Content Marketing Mistakes

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Monday November 9th, 2015

New clients will often tell us that content marketing doesn’t work. They tried it, it took a lot of time, and they got nothing from it. And of course, they’re always right.

Like any other marketing process – content marketing may not achieve expected results – usually for just a few reasons. Here we take a look at the pitfalls and common mistakes we see.

Failing to plan
Content (by this we mean good content) must be planned. It’s not something that you can just drum up at a moment’s notice. A content plan will help to ensure that all of your communication is connected, makes sense, adds value to your clients and keeps you ever-present. When you don’t have a plan – you activity soon drops away in favour of other tasks.

Giving up
Content marketing is rarely ineffective because of the quality of content you put out. It fails usually because it is inconsistent, or has stopped in its entirety. Looking back to point 1 above – a plan will help to avoid this. A plan will focus your effort and stop you scrabbling around for topics to discuss and share.

Quality vs Quantity
Putting something ‘out there’ is better than putting nothing ‘out there’. But repetitious, irrelevant content will bore your connections and fall foul of Google. Falling foul of Google means that the search engine won’t send traffic to your website if it feels your content is sub-standard.

Don’t fill your website and blog with keywords which you’ve broadly linked together into some semblance of a blog. Write a meaningful article and use keywords wisely. Readers will engage and as Google monitors this – your credibility with readers, and the search engine increases.

Sell yourself
If you are taking the time and effort to develop great content – make sure you tell people about it. If you write a blog or guest article, upload a video or podcast – use social media to share your content, advertise on Google or better still engage with your followers directly or via email – they’ll share great content to their masses!

Your offerings have been there, done that
Keep things fresh and mix your content style up. Blogs are great but consider using infographics, video, podcasts, webinars, or downloadable e-books. This gives you vehicle to develop personality and collect data in addition to credibility.

Call to Action – always!
Don’t forget the very reason that you’re developing this content – to engage with customers and sell your products and services. Make sure that your content interacts with them by starting a conversation which leads them towards the action you’d like them to take!

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