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Monday November 16th, 2015

You don’t need telling that we live in a digital age. The paperless office is a reality. The use of mobile technology means that your brand is constantly available to your clients. So why on earth would you go to the expense of printing promotional material?

Printed material should form an essential part of your integrated marketing. It delivers in ways that digital promotion simply cannot. Here we look at a few:

A tangible difference

The most notable benefit is the tangibility of print. Many of our clients tell us that their clients love how refreshing it is to receive something physical in the post rather than an online promotion or reminder. Couple this with a finish such as velvet laminate or spot UV and the impact of the printed material is raised to another level. Your brand has become a very real thing.

Everyday reminder

A printed brochure, branded notepad, business card, coaster, calendar (we could go on!) serves as a constant reminder of your brand, products and services. Appropriate design and calls-to-action will eradicate the need for your target customer to search for your telephone number or web address. A physical product is also likely to be shared and read by other members of the same organisation.


As with everything that has a marketing and promotion focus, it’s important to remember what’s appropriate for your target audience. Will digital promotion be enough? Will it reach them at all? Printed promotional material offers the opportunity to reach your entire target audience.

Like everything, print has points for consideration as well as its virtues of course:


Naturally, printed materials bring with them additional cost which must be planned for. Whilst digital promotion is immediate, responsive and able to engage, its lifespan is much shorter than that of printed materials. These are physically opened, read, shared and left on desks and pinned on walls – adding value to you by reducing the cost per contact.

Brand Consistency

Printed materials tend to have a longer lead time and lifetime. Because our clients invest additional time, effort and budget into print – brand consistency is becomes more controlled. From placement of logos, to tone of text, appropriate imagery and range of calls-to-action. Often these important elements fall away when online as people simply take the attitude that it can be quickly changed if need be – which kind of misses the point!


Arguably, digital waste is rarely a consideration. With print, it is a different matter. And so it’s important to develop a strategy for delivery and distribution.

How and where are you going to distribute your materials? And to whom? Methods of distribution might be:

  • Exhibitions and Tradeshows
  • Networking events
  • Batch drops in appropriate venues
  • Mailed out to prospects and past customers (consider mailing costs)
  • Via referral partners/sales teams

The ultimate view is that you should not think in terms of print OR digital – the two should work hand in hand.

Print is a highly valuable promotional tool which, in an increasingly digitally tired world offers many benefits and differentiators. If you haven’t used printed promotional materials for some time – talk to Darren Joslin on 02920 463047 or email him via to find out what’s possible!