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Monday August 17th, 2015

Here at Horizon we have seen a surge in direct mail in recent months. And it’s not surprising. We’re all just a little exhausted by email spam and so something physical that lands on our doorstep is infinitely more interesting. It’s also becoming increasingly cost effective thanks to improvements in technology and print.

Here’s our guide to a successful direct mail campaign:

1.  Identify your target market. Start by profiling them.

  • Are they existing customers or new customers? Existing customers are more likely to engage with you because they know and trust you but don’t limit yourself. Think about the characteristics of your existing customers and target others of the same ilk.
  • Plan your budget. What quantities of direct mail do you need to produce. Where are your targets and how many of them are there?
  • What problem do they have that you are going to solve? Do they all have the same problems or do you need to segment them down further with different messages? Tip: don’t sell product or service attributes.
  • Identify the best method of communicating so that you keep wastage to a minimum. What will they respond to? A gimmick? A giveaway? A special offer? Tip: make sure that you have resources to manage the responses that come
  • Consider the best method of delivery. Will you use royal mail (frank or stamp) or via door to door delivery. If you don’t have names and addresses for a B2C campaign and are looking a postcode areas, you’ll need to consider door to door delivery. Tip: a postage stamp gives a more personal feel to your mail so do consider this if you are targeting consumers.

2.  Personalise your communication. Start to build those relationships now. Variable data has become one of our standard services. All you need to do is supply a database and then the message or contact details is tailored according to the customer or target market information provided. Tip: add segment specific promotional codes on your direct mail so that you are easily able to identify which offers and segments have the best response rates.

3.  Measure success. The codes that you have added per segment will enable you to quickly establish which campaigns and which segments work most effectively for you. Calculate a cost per response so that you can compare the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign in relation to your other marketing activity. Tip: use joined up thinking. Could other promotional channels support your direct mail?  E.g. if you are targeting women aged 25 – 45 in a specific postcode area – use Facebook ads to warm your target audience up. ‘Look out for our giveaway offer landing on your doorstep this week’.

Direct Mail is just one of the services that Horizon Digital Media offers. If you are considering a direct mail campaign, then please contact Darren Joslin on 07904 729584 or email him at





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