Don’t become a social pariah

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Friday August 21st, 2015

We are relatively prolific networkers in the south Wales area and we love it. It really is how relationships grow and there’s nothing better than being sat in front of someone, ready to answer their questions and tell them about our business. But hang on. They just need to check their Twitter account. Or update their Facebook page.   Or add a photo of us to Instagram.

Suddenly, social has become anti-social and it can be, quite frankly infuriating.

When you are in a room full of people who may buy from your business, the only place for your mobile phone or tablet is in your bag or pocket. The world will not stop because you haven’t posted a tweet for five minutes.   And if you’re using social media tools like Twitter Lists correctly – you won’t need to miss anything anyway.

Of course, you can be anti-social whilst on social media to. Each platform has developed a culture of its’ own and it is important to understand how to use each of these so that you fit neatly in and get your message across, rather than be ignored for using the platform incorrectly.

Think about how you feel when you repeatedly see someone:

  • Blasting nothing but sales messages out again and again.
  • Using too many #s on Twitter, but not using enough on Instagram.
  • Not interacting or responding to those trying to interact with them.
  • Sending out automated messages across multiple platforms.

They’ve clearly forgotten the ‘social’ aspect of social media. Try not to think of it as a sales tool, but rather a relationship builder. Do this, and you’ll be no pariah!

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