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Friday August 21st, 2015

When we revamped our website recently, the team were discussing the essence of our business and then moved onto give our own views on its actual definition. We were talking about integrated marketing of course.

The truth is that you can google it, research it in one of Philip Kotler’s thumping great (but very good) marketing texts or any other marketing journal, and you’ll come up with a different definition. But to us, it simply means one thing.

Making sure that all elements of your marketing activity support each other in focusing on your marketing objectives.

Ensuring that all elements of your marketing work together. How hard can that be? Increasingly so it seems. The world has changed. Consumers have changed. Marketing thinking has changed and marketing methods have changed.

The digital era has brought about so many possibilities and opened up markets that we might never have been able to compete in before. But it brings with it, huge challenges. How do you manage all of these new channels?

It’s not easy, but your primary considerations should be to:

  1. Develop a communications plan that identifies what is being communicated.
  2. Identify who we are saying it to.
  3. Choose where we will tell them by identifying the appropriate channels to get our message out to them.
  4. Decide how you will be managing that channel by allocating accountability to a single person.

Whilst this may be simplified slightly, it’s a good place to start. Think online, and think offline. The message on your website landing page should reflect the message that you just tweeted, which is supported by the printed business card and brochures you handed out whilst you were networking this morning.

Start off simply with what you’re communicating and then break your channels down client by client to ensure that you’re saying the right things, in the right place in the right way. Joined up thinking is what this is about.


Horizon Digital Media specialise in integrated marketing and are ready to help. If you don’t know where to start – or a have started but gotten lost along the way, then call Darren Joslin on 02920 463047 or email him via




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