Message in a bottle?

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Wednesday August 5th, 2015

You know the story. Stranded on a desert island, the hero pops a note in a bottle and sends it out to sea. It’s all a bit random. They don’t know who is going to receive it and what language they speak.

It can be the same with your printed material and direct mail.

From a marketing perspective, relationships count. Customer loyalty continues to decline and as we highlighted in our post Pandering to the new consumer? customers are increasingly demanding and looking for the best possible deal.

So we need to keep them warm and feeling loved. We need them to know that we care and that they are an important part of our business – and personalised communication is a part of this rather than the message in a bottle approach.

Think about:

Social Media: the key word here is social. Engage with your existing and potential customers online. Keep those relationships fresh and responsive!

Email Communications: the stats vary, but it’s universally agreed that personalised subject lines are likely to enhance your open rate. If the personalisation is aligned to a specific problem that your product or service can solve – all the better.

Printed Direct Mail: tailored printed material demonstrates that you understand your customer and has a higher likelihood of converting to a sale. Tailoring your message and personalising the format – whether postcards, brochures or letter – ensure that you’re speaking directly to the recipient in a world where relationships are increasingly important.

It’s very cost effective too and personalised print runs can happen straight from your data – even if it’s all in excel!

If you are thinking about a direct mail campaign or indeed, sending a message in a bottle, talk to Darren Joslin first about personalisation on 07904 729584 or email him via



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