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Monday October 12th, 2015

This year Google announced that they would give search engine preference to websites that are mobile friendly. We’ve spent lots of time bringing our remaining clients with desktop only sites into a mobile friendly world.

With the majority of websites now being mobile friendly, many clients have questioned the need for Apps in the future.

The truth is that the need for an app will predominantly depend on your business – but as customers increasingly shift towards using mobile technology via smartphones and tablets, an App may become invaluable to your business. Remember, just a few years ago many businesses didn’t think they needed a website!

So what does an App do differently than a mobile website? Again, it varies and Apps are capable of so much, with the unknown to come.

Apps to sell
If you are a retail business offering a catalogue of products – Apps may be ideal for you. App technology will allow you to personalise products and offers as a potential customer walks past your shopfront.

An App will remove the supplementary website information (that they already know) and give them an efficient online experience – saving them time and reducing the chances of you losing them through browsing drift.

And there is capability for the App to even tell you their name as they walk into your premises – allowing you to give them a truly personal experience!

Apps to support

For professional services App uses can be less obvious – but they can add value to your customer experience and become a valuable resource.

Apps may provide information such as industry standards, product and service information. Clients may access their account information on-the-go, provide feedback or download tutorials.

There may not be an immediate need for your business now – but remember there wasn’t an immediate need for a website just a few years ago. As more and more customers become mobile, make sure that you don’t get left standing.

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