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Ross Farmer

Social Care: How to be social on social media

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Monday April 18th, 2016

Humanity, if you adhere to modern science’s view on the matter, evolved the ability to socialise as a survival function.

The ability to read faces, to speak words, to co-ordinate a hunt, to make a loving bond – they’re all inherently selfless and entirely selfish, a mechanism to further oneself and the species through co-operation.

In 2016 we live in an online world too, so we need to be able to do more than read faces; we need to be able to read tweets, and posts, and challenging comments sections underneath our YouTube videos.

The principal I’m getting at, of course, is that social media needs to be sociable to truly work. Sure, the internet is full of trolls, but they’re not getting anything back for their mean-spiritedness. No, the ones who are benefiting from social media are those who are giving, not just taking; the ones who are offering help as well as asking for it.

How to be a sociable business online:
Encourage comments – ask your customers to review you or your website. Invite them to take advantage of your Social mediaexcellent customer service not only via your email or phone number, but in the stark open daylight of Twitter or Facebook. They’ll appreciate your openness and your willingness to embrace the channels they prefer to use in their daily lives.

Offer advice – don’t fill your stream with promotional messages; slip in some genuine interest too. Tell people your views on current industry trends. Give them how-to guides or video tutorials about your products. Share the knowledge that you have in your business, and do it for free. That’s how to make friends and influence people.

Be quick about it – social media isn’t like email. You can’t just sit on it for a few days; it’s a medium in which people expect a quick response. That doesn’t mean a rushed response, however – if a customer has a genuinely challenging query, all you need to do is promptly let them know you’re looking into it, and keep them in the loop. That way they’ll feel valued and it’ll likely take the sting out of their ire.

So above all, remember that social media is about giving to receive. If you join the online community as a business, you need to be prepared to put in the work and have a generous demeanour. In return, you’ll get customer loyalty and the kind of word of mouth marketing that money simply can’t buy.