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Ross Farmer

Striking the balance – communicate with your customers without becoming an annoyance

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Monday August 22nd, 2016

Any content marketing agency, such as ourselves, will tell you that you need to be proactively communicating with your customer base – both existing and potential.

The means of doing that is mostly digital: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and email marketing for example, with maybe some physical direct mail thrown into the mix too.

But you have to tread carefully. If you overdo any of those forms of media, if you push too hard in your customers’ faces, you may end up being crossed off some friends lists, unfollowed and unsubscribed.shutterstock_234556942

So what’s the answer? We’d love to be able to tell you you need four Facebook posts a week, two Tweets a day and direct mail twice a year, but the truth is that every market is different and every company’s promotional message is different.

The real key is not how much you’re talking, but what you’re saying. A genuine content marketing campaign, with articles and videos that are truly interesting and useful, will be far better received than a flood of simple adverts. Even offers are dangerous territory – if they’re utterly fantastic then perhaps your audience will tolerate an abundance of communication, but if you’re offering 2% off a restricted range of products or services then the message will get stale quick.

The audience matters too. Compare it to business calls – imagine how many times you might speak to an existing customer on the phone compared to how many times you might cold-call the same prospect. The two aren’t even comparable. We’d always advise thorough sorting of your data and bespoke messages to differing contact groups.

The trick is in being flexible – there’s no magic formula but trial and error is a perfectly acceptable way to go.

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