What’s your social platform?

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Monday November 30th, 2015

The successful marketing of your business is reliant on your identifying where your time and effort will reap the most rewards or put simply – doing what works best!

That breaks down into every element of promotion, including social media. There are so many platforms to choose from and it’s unlikely that any business has the capacity, knowledge and need, to be present and effective on them all. It’s much better to choose one or two and use them well, than have a scant presence across many.

When choosing the best social media platform for your business it’s important to remember who your target audience is, and their preferred social media platforms. You also need to reflect on the product and services you offer – which platform is best to showcase them?


There are over 1 billion daily active users on Facebook with 894 million of these accessing the site via mobile technology.  These stats alone suggest that you can assume that a reasonable portion of your customer base are using Facebook.

Facebook allows users to choose what they look at, and what they share. Business profiles are attached to personal profiles, but can be managed and run independently. Fans and likes are created, rather than friends.

Advertising on Facebook has become increasingly important. ‘Sponsored’ posts appear in personal timelines (posts that people see). These are paid for, and targeted to people who meet the profile of your target customers.

We used to liken Facebook to a local pub. People might go in, chat to family and friends, share news, photographs or a few jokes. Through advertising, it’s become much more like a personal high street – with adverts popping up that are based on profiles and topics users have shown an interest in.

Facebook is all about the personality of your business – so don’t be afraid to show it. Use it to build relationships by interacting with those who you see on your timeline, and with those who have ‘liked’ your page.



Pinterest is a visual content sharing platform. Users build their own range pin boards, each of which is based on a particular topic or theme. When they see a photo, post or video they like – they’ll ‘pin’ it to a topical board they have.

Pinterest is predominantly female based. The platform has over 100 million users – 85% of whom are female. This makes it ideal for wedding planning, food, travel, interior design and fashion, for example.


As we liken Facebook to a personal high street, we liken Twitter to a cocktail party. Imagine it as a room full of people having short conversations with each other – and then passing it on to the next people they engage with. It’s an ongoing conversation – all based around 140 characters.

Twitter is ideal for breaking news, updates, asking questions and making announcements – it’s all about engagement with your followers. But there’s more. Twitter is great as a customer service tool. Many organisations (national couriers, retailers, travel providers) use Twitter to make announcements and respond to real-time queries.


LinkedIn was the original social media for businesses. It is based on individual profiles which can then be attached to a company page.

Entirely business based it enable users to connect with people they know. It has the functionality to allow users to search key people they’d like to do business with – and how they might be linked, via their network so that introductions may be arranged via mutual connections.

LinkedIn is also home to discussion groups where you can share information and opinions, and showcase your knowledge. Blogs may also be published via Pulse – further increasing visibility.



You Tube is the second most popular search engine – and probably the most popular for younger online browsers.

It has become synonymous with homemade or professional videos that feature product news and how-tos. Success often revolves around being unforgettable and using video differently – no easy task! But when done correctly – when that one video goes ‘viral’ viewer numbers can quickly elevate from hundreds, to thousands, to millions.

If you have yet to engage in social media, or want to review your current activity and understand what’s working, what isn’t and what’s possible, call Darren Joslin on 029 2046 3047 or email him via dj@horizondml.co.uk and arrange a free social media review.