When social media wins business

Category: Web

Friday July 3rd, 2015

Can you really win business by using social media? At Horizon, the answer is a definite yes, and here is a recent case study from one of our clients, Adexsi UK.

The company is a specialist in designing, supplying and installing ventilation systems and equipment, assisting with a wide variety of construction projects around the world. Part of a major European construction products group, it supplies the UK and key markets including the Middle East.

Adexsi contracted Horizon to design and build its new website and subsequently we manage it, regularly updating the site with news of new contract wins, and details of completed projects. We also provide the marketing team with support, harnessing the power of social media to help improve the company’s visibility online. Our strategy for Adexsi specifically includes use of key social media platforms such as Linkedin, and Twitter, managed in combination with regular website updates.

In early 2015, we updated the Adexsi website with news of a London apartment complex the company was involved with, where it had delivered glazed cladding with louvres, to cover winter gardens that featured as part of the exterior space in the apartment blocks.

Just six weeks later, Adexsi received an email inquiry from another construction group, tasked with sourcing almost 1,000 square metres of louvred cladding for winter gardens. “I notice from the internet you have provided this type of product in the past,” said the sender. The experience also shows that it is worth thinking laterally sometimes, about key words. Aiming to be number one on search engines such as Google for your company’s key product or service is all very well; but it may be hard to achieve – and could not be worth the trouble. Sometimes, looking for alternative key words may be more valuable…..

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