Why social media is essential for business

Category: Social Media

Friday October 9th, 2015

Like it or love it, fear it or embrace it, there is no avoiding the fact that social media is here to stay and an essential part of marketing any business. Here’s why.

Search engine rankings

Google loves social media. It takes your online presence away from a world of backlinks and SEO and into a real-time world of relevance. It keeps you current and talking about things that are relevant to your business and your customers.

Improved customer service

The new consumer demands excellent customer service and that we are available to them at every turn. Social media allows this. Courier companies, for example, are much easier to contact (and without doubt more responsive) through Twitter as they have customer service staff allocated to manage these accounts. It’s much quicker and easier for the staff to respond online, rather than through phone calls which take longer. It’s also much quicker and easier for the customer, who can register their query and then go and do something else whilst waiting for a response, rather than queuing on the telephone.

Targeted, flexible advertising

We think of Facebook as the personalised high street. Adverts may be targeted by age, geography, marital status, M/F and interest areas. Budgets can be set per day or over a total period of time with a specified end date. Adverts can be created for specific purposes which may be to get fans to visit your website, click to buy or like your page. The flexibility, and ability to target is phenomenal and has huge potential to achieve the desired outcome if applied correctly.

Increased brand awareness

A maintained presence through social media will increase the reach of your brand. Posts that reflect your brand, and you brand values will re-iterate what your brand stands for, and keep you front of mind.

Keeping up!

Using social media may once-upon-a-time given a business advantage. But this is no longer the case. Businesses that don’t have a presence are at a disadvantage because customers are much more likely to remember those that they’ve seen on social media platforms and have built and maintained relationships with.

Social media is often seen as a free marketing tool. It’s not. It requires time devoted to it to ensure that it is delivered consistently and managed appropriately. If you have yet to enter the social media-sphere, or feel that you are not maximising the potential of social media for your business, contact Darren Joslin on 02920 463047 or email dj@horizondml.co.uk