How it works

Content marketing is about regular two-way communication with your customers and contacts. It’s about creating genuinely interesting and useful materials and sharing them freely, encouraging others to share them on.

In this way you build trust, and your brand’s reputation grows. Your customers feel valued and word spreads about how great you are, so your marketing targets are achieved without the need for expensive advertising.

In our view, content marketing is intrinsically linked to SEO, and vice versa.

Direct Contact

Social media is how people communicate in the modern world. If you’re not speaking the language of the millions of people on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn et al, then you’re missing out on a huge potential audience. Horizon can formulate your profiles, write your posts and manage your accounts. And we can create the interesting web content that will get your followers sharing your brand online.

Tools of the Trade

Copywriting, surveys, blogs, competitions, infographics, how-to’s, photo stories, videos, white papers, press releases. Posts for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram. The differing types of content that we can create for you, and the ways that we can employ them, form a large and varied picture that we tailor to your business’ needs.

The Extra Mile

There’s one extra string to the Horizon bow that most content marketing agencies won’t mention to you – print. Horizon has its own in-house printing facilities, so we can back up all of the above with beautiful physical materials from brochures to direct mailers and more.

Feeding Back

The one thing Horizon will always do with your content marketing plan is tell you how it’s going. We produce comprehensive monthly reports that tell you how well you’re performing on social media and how your SEO is progressing. We then identify any weaknesses to work on for the following month. We pride ourselves on being an open and honest agency, so if there’s any stat you want to get hold of, we’ll give it to you.