The Complete Package

Horizon offers full website services including strategy, design and development. Our websites are aesthetically pleasing and user-centric in focus, utilising the latest open-source technologies to keep your website and applications scalable and at the forefront of industry developments. If your website is looking tired and old-fashioned, or it’s built in a way that makes it hard to update, then it’s time for a refresh!


Perhaps it needs updating to ensure it looks good on mobile phones and tablets – sources of ever more website visitors. So important is the growth of mobile and tablet use, that search engine Google recently updated its algorithms, and penalises those websites that cannot present themselves well on smartphones and tablets such as iPad. For legacy websites developed prior to 2015, that could mean less visibility for the site, and a frustrating visitor experience for those using mobile. At Horizon, we have for some time been ensuring client websites are responsive – they adapt depending on the platform used to view them. If your site is not responsive, it needs to be updated to ensure it is – or you will be losing out.

Website Development

Whether a new site, or a refresh of an existing site, Horizon regularly uses the WordPress platform as a tool delivering cost-effective, flexible websites that give clients the option of editing their own site if they wish. We also develop custom websites and portals, using the best development tools for the specific requirement. From a simple online brochure, through to a site with password protected staff and distributor access for sharing commercially sensitive information, we can deliver.

Internet Marketing

Having a website but not promoting it, is like printing a brochure but leaving it in the cupboard. You need to promote your website regularly, and widely. At Horizon, we help clients use a wide range of internet marketing techniques, to ensure website visits increase, and improve the visibility of your site to key target audiences. Those techniques include regular content updates, sharing content via social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn, and using email marketing to contact target audiences and drive them to the website.

Digital Infrastructure

Maybe you’re wondering what else the site could do? Often it’s possible to use the site to streamline your business, making it easier to handle orders or inquiries. And your website needs to be a part of your wider online promotional activities. We always encourage you to regularly update a website, and use social media channels – everything from Facebook and Twitter, to YouTube and Pinterest – to provide valuable further promotion of your online content.

The web can deliver so much more than just an online brochure for your business. Smart organisations are using their websites to share information in new ways, to automate key business processes, and to streamline relationships. From automatic ordering, to online form filling and intranets, correctly designed digital infrastructure can save you time and make your business ready for the next stage of growth, able to scale without large numbers of new staff.