Brand Management, Marketing Communications, Website Redevelopment

Spectrum Technologies is a world leader in the design and manufacture of specialised industrial laser systems. When Spectrum became aware that its website required a complete redesign to provide a platform for its future growth, Horizon was selected as its chosen marketing support partner.


Brand Management

With a long established and recognised brand, its development and use must be carefully managed. When tasked with the ongoing use of the company’s brand, Horizon adopted the role of brand manager and carefully combined the company’s heritage and experience with design themes that demonstrate the cutting edge nature of its operations.

Marketing Communications

As a part of the ongoing development of its products and services the company required a marketing support package to ensure that all of its promotional and technical information is on brand and on message. Horizon has created a suite of templates that are actively being used to ensure quality and consistency across a wide range of uses.

Website Redevelopment

With worldwide capabilities Spectrum both promotes its services and communicates with its client base via the internet. To maintain its position as the leader in its field, the company required a website that demonstrates its capabilities and supports its worldwide operations. Due to our experience, Horizon was chosen to develop the company’s website and internet-based information portal. Horizon provided a solution that meets Spectrum’s needs at this time and is actively supporting its ongoing development.