Brand Development, Marketing Materials, Website & Management Portal

A growing provider of after school clubs, Playworks decided it was time to step up its presence to reflect that growth. A rebrand was required to freshen the dated image, while marketing material needed clarifying.


Brand Development

Following a research project it became clear that the company’s identity did not match its personality, objectives and capabilities. Horizon worked with Playworks to develop a logo and brand identity that can support its growth plans and ensure it connects with all its stakeholders – Children, Parents, Schools and members of the Playworks team.

Marketing Materials

Previous marketing material had been created on an ad-hoc basis, resulting in dozens of documents with very few common threads. Using three colourways, and addressing three clear audiences, the new materials clearly promote the Playworks offer to each. The company now has a comprehensive marketing plan and a complete package of marketing tools.

Website & Management Portal

The old website became out-dated and was difficult for staff to update. A new CMS and systems-enabled website are designed to connect with all stakeholders and provide simple updating and club management. In line with the agreed marketing plan, the site focuses on what Playworks can offer schools, parents, and children, and also makes clear that Playworks is looking for new associates to help open more clubs.