Flamgard Calidair

Flamgard Calidair


Oct 2016


Brand Management, Website Development, Email Marketing

A world leader in a niche market for high quality, high integrity dampers and associated equipment, Flamgard Calidair asked Horizon to develop a new website. An online marketing programme ensures customers know about innovations, while proactive management continues to drive website visibility higher in front of key target audiences.

Brand Management

With an established brand name in its sector, Flamgard did not need to amend its branding or logo. However, a refreshing of marketing materials ensures consistency in the look and feel of all the company’s customer-facing materials including the website, data sheets and other supporting materials such as pop-up exhibition banners.

Website Development

Flamgard’s previous site was effectively an online listing of data sheets from the company’s product range. The completely rebuilt site features up to the minute styling and navigation, easing the customer journey and ensuring the products are explained by the way they are used in a variety of applications. Use of social media and regular site news updates has ensured a consistent growth in site visitor numbers, while diligent work behind the scenes means the Flamgard site is highly ranked for relevant search terms.

Email Marketing

A focused regular email marketing campaign ensures target potential customers receive regular updates from Flamgard. The newsletter also ensures existing customers are made aware of the company’s wider range of products and capabilities in other market sectors, opening up opportunities for more business.

Other Works