GDPR – top three tips for ensuring your compliance

GDPR - top three tips for ensuring your compliance

You may have noticed we’re talking lots about GDPR at the moment at Horizon. That’s because we want to help our customers to remain legally compliant with the minimum of fuss.

As such we’ve composed a super-simple checklist for you all – our top three tips to ensure your GDPR compliance:

1. Check you have an up-to-date privacy and cookies collection policy in place on your website. The privacy policy needs to be quite specific – Horizon clients can expect assistance on getting this right shortly.

2. Check your site’s contact or subscription forms and ensure crystal clear opt-in. This is very different to the current opt-out facility used my most sites, as there is no longer such a thing as presumed consent to use an individual’s data.

There may also be a requirement for a follow-up, ensuring your visitor needs to take affirmative action – the most logical method is an automated email asking to confirm that they signed up for whatever your site has to offer.

3. Obtain a HTTPS domain – it has more security and offers reassurance to your website visitors. Again, Horizon clients can come directly to us for more assistance.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg – GDPR has 99 articles after all – but these three tips represent a great starting point.